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We are California's Lemon Daddy

Our legal professionals specialize in handling cases related to the California Lemon Law. The law provides protection to consumers who purchase or lease defective vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles and you may be entitled to a refund, replacement or compensation.

Clarity and Guidance

Lemon Law can be complex, and many consumers may not fully understand their rights under the law. It is the attorney's responsibility to provide clarity and guidance to ensure that their clients are fully informed about the legal process and what they can expect.

Client-Centered Service

Our legal professional prioritize the needs, goals, and interests of our clients throughout the legal process. We pride ourselves on building a relationship of trust and understanding with our clients as we tailor our legal strategy to their specific needs.

Relentless Pursuit of Justice

Our Attorneys will Fight for our client's rights under the law and pursue every available legal avenue to ensure that justice is served. We can help level the playing field between you and the corporations to ensure that consumers receive the compensation they deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission transcends mere legal representation; it's a drive toward a safer, more accountable automotive world for all Californians. We believe that every driver, passenger, and pedestrian deserves vehicles that not only meet but exceed the standards of performance, safety, and reliability. Sadly, in an industry rife with manufacturing shortcuts and overlooking crucial defects, many consumers find themselves saddled with vehicles that are less than the promise made at the showroom.

Our dedication to championing the rights of consumers stems from a profound understanding of the impact a "lemon" can have. From the financial strain of repeated repairs to the grave safety risks posed by persistent defects, the repercussions of owning a lemon are far-reaching. Our firm is committed to ensuring that these burdens do not go unnoticed or unaddressed.

Serving clients throughout California, LemonDaddy is not just a law firm but a movement toward a more accountable automotive industry. Our team relentlessly pursues justice for every client, holding manufacturers accountable for their oversights and ensuring that consumers are aptly compensated. More than that, we strive to be a beacon of hope and a source of empowerment for every car owner who feels overlooked or unheard.

In the heart of our mission is a dual promise: to provide unparalleled legal expertise to those navigating the complexities of the lemon law and to advocate for a future where no Californian ever has to question the integrity of their vehicle again.

Our Lemon Law Attorneys

Attorney Benjamin Drake

Drake Law Firm was founded by Benjamin Drake in Los Angeles, California and has recovered over $150 million for clients.

Benjamin’s professionalism, knowledge, and compassionate nature are the three assets that have enabled him to excel in interpreting California’s laws to favor his clients. "What sets my firm apart is the attention to each client’s special needs" Every day he fights to set himself apart from other law firms by really getting to know his clients, showing them how invested he is in obtaining the settlement that they deserve, and by helping them regain a sense of hope and normality back into their lives.

Throughout the years, he has maintained friendships with clients who have portrayed him to be as part of their family. He never rests and is always available for his client’s needs. He genuinely expresses emotion and empathy towards his clients. To Benjamin Drake, his clients are not just another case or a number, but an actual human being who deserves the utmost care and customer service attention.

Benjamin is well-aware of the impact that a personal injury accident can have on an individual. A person might be in excruciating pain along with emotional distress and have to face the financial burden that an accident brings due to the negligent act’s or omissions of an individual, but Benjamin Drake is with his clients every step of the way and takes them across the finish line while making sure that they are taken care of, emotionally, physically and financially.

Attorney Hadi Gerami

Hadi Gerami has been specializing in lemon law litigation for the past seven years. By focusing on proven consumer advocacy principles, he has achieved maximum settlements on behalf of Plaintiffs throughout the State of California. His client-centric approach and dedication to the cause of aggrieved consumers creates a welcoming professional environment that fosters communication and puts the clients' interests above all else. He is relentless in his litigation pursuits and will not rest until he holds the unscrupulous vehicle manufacturers accountable to the full extent of the law.

Mr. Gerami has been an active attorney for over two decades and is licensed in both California and Colorado. Throughout his career he has worked for the best and biggest law firms in not only the lemon law space, but also in large-scale corporate litigation and government investigations. Prior to devoting all his time and efforts to consumer advocacy causes, Mr. Gerami spent many years working on behalf of the world's largest corporations and banks while at law firms such as Reed Smith, Winston & Strawn, Skadden, Jones Day and O'Melveny. That experience and track record of success leads to a confident approach to his legal practice; one that never hesitates to take on the billion-dollar automobile manufacturers when they fail to abide by their legal duties.

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